Do What Jesus Does.  John 14:12 reminds us as a people that if we 'believe in Jesus' we will do what Jesus did.  The essence of Christianity is to follow Jesus.  Now, the early disciples, the people that actually walked, talked, and ate with Jesus, believed that to follow Jesus was not simply to believe in a system of beliefs that Jesus taught; they wanted to become just like Him.  To literally do the same things Jesus did.

So as a church, as a community of people who are seeking to follow Jesus today, we too want to do what Jesus did.  We want to restore relationships, give generously, live out love wildly.  We want to heal, mend, grow, challenge, change, serve, and transform.  We want to be so connected with God that our relationships change things.  

At the very core of following Jesus we see more than a system of belief or even an ethic, we see a radical call to give our very lives to doing what Jesus did.  


Expect Greater Things.  John 14:12-13 suggest that we, the church, will do greater things than Jesus did.  In recent times the church may not have lived up to that: walking on water, giving sight to blind, healing diseases, liberating the oppressed, supplying life giving dignity and more.  However, if we take this seriously, then the church has a role to play in doing these great things.  We get involved through prayer.

To accomplish this, Jesus promises us a 'helper' called the Holy Spirit.  Through the power, energy, and breath of the Holy Spirit we not only believe all things are possible.  We have come to expect more.


Bring on the Kingdom.  Jesus allows us to live differently.  He described it as a new kingdom which was breaking into this world.  When the church rises up to do what Jesus did, expect more than we can imagine in transforming this world, we are playing a part in bringing the Kingdom of God to reign, right here, right now.